Brand Spotlight: Daniel Wellington

daniel wellington gift watches for men

Daniel Wellington watches are the ideal combination of minimalistic style whilst retaining a traditional timeless design.

These stylish watches are the perfect accompaniment for many different outfits and are as suitable to wear to a black tie event as they are for every day work or play.

daniel wellington gift watches for men

All of the watches come with agenuine leather or NATO strap. The leather straps are available in a range of elegant shades from light and dark brown to black. The great thing is the straps are interchangeable on all models so you can change your lookto suit your outfit, mood or event.

The watch faces are large (40mm) in keeping with today’s modern trends and come in a beautiful deep black or eggshell white. For the watch casing and dials there is a choice of silver or rose gold, offering up even more choice and outfit possibilities.

This choice of interchangeable straps, dials and casing options means that Daniel Wellington watches are not only a style statement but the fact the look can be changed with ease means your gift will be cherished for many years to come and are suitable for men of all ages.

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