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Finding gifts for guys that have everything is the reason we built this site and a question we get asked often by customers when looking to buy presents for the man in their lives. First off let me say that no man has everything! Speaking as a man there is always something new we would like, even if we don’t think of it or mention it straight off. Style and personal taste is fluid and changes over time, so what we once cherished for years may longer suit our lifestyle. Or perhaps a treasured staple has become worn and may be due an upgrade. In this post I’ll try to help give you some ideas on the essentials in a man’s repertoire that are always welcome gifts or in need of replacing!

1. Wallets

A wallet, like a phone, is an item that he will carry with him every single day. Tastes change so the wallet he had in college may no longer be suitable for his professional lifestyle. Also wallets because of their every day use can become worn and tatty over time. Premium leather wallets like the ones we stock from Saddler Scandinavia would be a welcome upgrade. We’ve chosen a bifold wallets as they offer a slimmer profile and fit in trouser/jeans pockets easily.

Price Range: €39 – €49


2. Watches

A watch, much like a wallet, is often a staple accessory for the majority of men. Some men have just the one watch but if he’s like me he’ll have a few for different outfits and occasions. We’ve chosen to stock a range of ultra stylish minimalistic watches from Daniel Wellington. These watches are incredibly versatile and popular with all ages as they can be worn with casual outfits such as jeans and t-shirt to more formal outfits such as suits. A choice of watch face, bezel colour and interchangeable straps mean he can mix it up over time if he wishes. Really great gifts for special occasions as he’ll remember exactly when he got it.

Price Range: €169 – €199

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3. Travel & Office/Leisure Bags

Men’s bags are a great gift because they are often something we don’t immediately think to buy or treat ourselves to. We stock a wide range from Saddler Scandinavia to suit all lifestyles and activity with ultimate functionality and style at the heart of why we chose them. If you’re buying for a man who works in an office or profession we have some really great leather bags and high end satchels which double up as laptop bags or for holding documents and tech devices. They’re great for travel also for holding all the essentials. Our weekend bags are great for getaways or for the gym.

Price Range: €199 – €249


4. Ties & Pocket Squares

We stock a wide range of premium ties and pocket squares in silk, wool, and cotton from Neckwear which are handmade and designed in Italy and Sweden. You really can’t go wrong with a tie as again it’s not always the first thing we think of to buy ourselves. Often a man’s tie collection grows purely from gifts over the years! And as tie tastes can change it’s always a welcome gift. If you’re not sure what colour they would like keep it simple, navy and red/wine colours are always popular as they can be worn with most shirt and suit colours. Or if you feel like it, drop us an email and we’ll try assist you in picking one out.

Price Range: €29 – €39


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5. Shirts

So as not to be totally biased (even though we only stock the best men’s staples), we currently do not stock shirts for men. However similar to a tie you can’t go wrong with an oxford shirt. I’d recommend a slimmer fit for the younger gent and a regular fit for more mature gents. Striped and checked shirts can be hit or miss depending on his style, so I’d recommend a plain white or blue shirt if you’re not too sure as every man should have a few of these in his wardrobe! Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or Farah would be some brands that do some really great shirts in these colours and style.

Price Range: €69 – €139

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